Saturday, 18 December 2010

Because a grin is always a good thing :D

Silliness from home :D

Friday, 19 November 2010


In the shapes from the window
I am deeply awake
With Moonlight translating my skin
Her love in the tea
I slowly intake
Feeling her clean-ness within

The silence that wraps
round my bones
I still hear,
It whistles and calls me to Still
til my heart
As it pumps
Rocks my body
Like sea
Its eddies and currents


A point so piquant
And infinitesimally small
In the edge
Of my awareness
Containing That Secret
Delicate as Endless
Inescapable and Indefinite
And as graspable
As some speck
In my bathwater

Sunday, 7 November 2010

having woken at 01:30 after a day in bed,
something in me realises
something I can't quite grasp
entirely yet.

I thought
No more proof
No more proof I love you
No more proof I care
Do you know how much it hurts
To have to show it's there?
The constant undercutting
The constant sense of grief
Knowing no matter that it's felt
It's not felt underneath

Then in some spilt second
I understood a God
Who'd say
No proof I love you
In quite a different way

An odd moment of humanising
A huge dispassionate thought
To find myself imagining
A God that simply hurt
To see such constant suffering
In the face of
Deep Safe Love
As human minds turn to prove
A billion Tiny Thoughts

And I am strong again
My act of faith
I See The Love

Saturday, 6 November 2010

angry hurting grumbles...mean things they are

So now I am here
full of fear and rage and doubt
running riot with shadows
Listening to them shout
they slice with accusations
rub caustic on my worth
grate and graze and carpet burn
at images I love
they take my wish to crumble
into soft releasing tears
and taunt me with my weakness
and stick me in my scars
They point to all my ugliness
and magnify what's left
until it's all distorted
a raw and hurting red

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Body had never felt the sensation
sitting in it's core

It tried to imagine it as cold
it must be like hunger
But in world where it's skin
was constantly touched
by the air
by the sun
by some silence...

Even if it were completely alone

it argued with core somewhat
denying it your absence

A strange little one for the OSI prompt Lonely

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Something of him rises up to meet an edge
and something of you meets with his
and something of me flows between
And something fluid begins to see
The patterns where I meet you
And he meets me
And finally in the space between
We are one, us three
In the beautiful edges we bring
And bridge

This was inspired by 'Two Lovers' posted by I Am Another.
Sweet Thoughts.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Like a parabolic mirror containing
Spherical light wave images
Of the room it sits within
I dip inside my surface
To the boundless possiblity
Of everything I reflect
And somehow contain

The anything of existence

I am the almagamation
Of everything outside me
Inside the barely existent
Shell of who I am;
The hologram created
By reality reflecting
As I meet it.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I will meet you

I will meet you
With what you bring me
Some mirrored surface
Of the universe
That flows through life
As gentle symmetry
Showing how
In truthfulness
There always is
In every movement
The way you meet me
With what I bring

Sideways Slide

I look on
For my inch of chance
For where the path
Greets some nuance
The point at which
I neatly glide
From one
Into the other

I bring to life
Each path of light
That flows
Through me
Until that point
The passing comes
I sideways slide
Tempted by another.

In response to The Passing this week's OSI prompt

Friday, 10 September 2010


So now I want to close
to turn the sign
and lock the door
and sit behind the glass

days like these I'd watch
not wanting to return
Too tired to work
Like lead I sit
With all the lights turned on

My brain is moving slow
I feel it graunch
Against my mind
and tears begin to flow

I curl myself
Down on the floor
And wait to be at home


I have become someone

Wanting more than I've got

This late in the game


If that's wise

Or not

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Night's Harmony

Laying jealously of sleep
Of slumber still and deep
That holds you
Soft in body
Murmuring tenderly to dreams

Feeling into darkness
Pale smoothness I keep
My hands wrap round
Familiar curves
I stroke and slowly drift

In exquisite beauty
And silence on your lips
The warmth that grows
Inside my chest
Lights sweetly in the dark
I rest my face against your back
Listen to your heart.

Last night I saw you
Full in undeniable beauty

Today I ache with memories
that turn and whisper in me

The constant soft 'I love you's
My heart was made to beat

Thursday, 26 August 2010

How to be Alone

Just absolutely love this

Friday, 20 August 2010


I hold this wisdom
In my skin
The Knowing Universe
Guides within
Flows as Love
Through tender thoughts
That turn to syn
To reach and touch
And light again
The long spent stars
Where we began

In response to Beginning this weeks OSI prompt

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I breathe in the breeze
That brings you to me
All wisdom and wildness and something set free
You spill over edges
Of realities
and the Everything
That cannot contain you.

I am small and relentless, intensely myself
As I turn
Inside beauty
And staggering depths
I endlessly breathe
just to stretch with each breath
to catch even particles
of that which I love

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Golden Cube

A golden cube of solid joy
Turns rays of light toward me
refracting through suspended breath
The full spectrum of beauty
Expanding then, in every cell
A brightening glow of life
The tantalised exquiteness
Releases with my breath

Monday, 9 August 2010

I feel my boots
and push my roots
deeper into Her
and drawing on
solidity of earth

In my mind
I clearly see
what I had done before
and tenderly
withdraw my roots
from those that I adore


Quiet tired headache in my heart
spreads its motion sickness scents
into muscles and exhausted eyes
that blame and blame and blame

and a new earth

Will rave more about Wirrow at a later (or more sensible) time ...for now, this latest video is a must share :D

Sunday, 8 August 2010


I'm a connoisseur
Of the air
Of the vibes
Eternally aware
Of your hides
And your lies
Of the rise in emotions
You so passively guise
I am a connoisseur

Yes, I'm a connoisseur
Well trained
In my art
Of eternal shell stepping
And avoidance of hurt
Practiced in caring
To the point I'm inert
So my new connoisseurship
Will be my own heart

Hmmm not sure about this one at all...but it's my offering for this weeks OSI prompt connoisseur

Friday, 6 August 2010

100 years

wisdom winds branches
round branches
and spreads them
and leans ever higher
growth upon self
taking support
from it's own mirrored growing
outstretched and trusting
a hundred years slow

and I am the speck
am the fleetingest colour
that rests at the roots
in a moment of hope
that somehow
this wisdom
will touch me
and impart
that I might learn something
a hundred years slow

Saturday, 31 July 2010


Wishing soft for silken wrapping
Layered binding, clean and hidden
As I surrender usual systems
Allowing death of self.

Response to 'cocoon', the prompt this week at OSI

Friday, 23 July 2010

Arty Shmarty Tea Party :D

I have just delivered five pieces of work to be displayed for sale and commission at a fundraising art show.
I was invited as an artist :P
Hee hee hee hee :P

Pieces on display are:
This one, The sleeping babe here, Thisy, Thaty and this unclaimed giveaway tree

Anyone local enough and interested it's at 15 The Upper Drive, Hove 2-4pm Sunday 25th July.

Big Kiss

Monday, 19 July 2010

:D Fire

Hold me
hold me tightly
I'm a fire
I spark and crackle
Frightening desire
The hissing and the cracking
From my bones
Alarmlingly consumes
The me I'd known
The one of me that knew
Just how to sit
The one of me that knew
Just where I fit
The one restrained
Contained and safely kept
The One of me
That living, quietly slept.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Sea

I am a lover lost
The exquisite brilliance
Of my radiating heart
So unbearably beautiful
Set against the Endless Dark
It suspends me in Entirety
In First Moment
Aware and unawareness blinking
This Light being in the unbeing
and I
Am the sea of this.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


History leans against me
Weighs upon and holds me
As I struggle with the truth of what is new.
Green shoots
Persistent in their cunning growth
Seemingly unplanned
Un thought
Un schemed
Exceedingly effective
Continiously break through
Threading through the preponderance
Of dark decaying past
They leave me hopeful

My response to this weeks OSI prompt Preponderance

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Speck of Love

Wave of heat
Speck of light
Radiation of a fiery sun


Wave of passion
Speck of Love
Grateful ecstasy of human form

Little Ecstasies

The little ecstasies of my life
Melt together
Warm golden honey
In the gentle persistent heat
Of the sun
and Everything gleams


It cleans
Lifts up my shirt
Caresses my neck
and licks at my hair

In its fresh coolness
The scent of green wildness
Calls crisply
Of broken grass and Melissa leaves
Under bare feet.

This weeks respone to the OSI prompt 'Overt, the wind that blows through the open windows'

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hmm :D

Love is my Mistress
And Truth is my Master
And I am subordinate to these

Normality, morality
fail me navigationally
On this living sea of ecstasy

Friday, 25 June 2010


what am I not saying to you?
What within me
Is not true?
What thing is this
I can't admit?
What is it
I wont let exist?

Trouble shared
Is trouble halved
Blown apart
But poison shared
Is poison spread
So let the words
Not form instead.

Today's Tide

Today there is The Ache
Deeply lost
Within the wake
Of endless tides
Life makes

First in
Then out
Incesssant doubt
Leeches something
Onto beaches
Bleaching essence out

Leaving me
With stones

Cold and heavy
Laying in me
Against my bones

In Her Darkness

In the night
Her legs grew longer
eyes grew sharp
and heart grew wilder
The pounding pace
Of feral drumming
lay gently in her breast
and calmly
In her breath

She felt the dance
Sway long and languid
Stalk her step
So softly padded
Into silent space
In between the worlds

And in the trees
The shadows friendly
Shades she missed
And ached for daily
Whispered rough
The sinking evening
Into homesick ears

Knowing she could just keep walking
Avoid the lights
With all their guiding
Into dark
Eternal calling
Sweetly out her name

She answered it the same

Longest time
She sat quite still then
Eyes transfixed
To something unseen
Listening silence
Gently twitching
Patience past the sane.

Time not right
for travelling onward
Turned herself again
Slow homeward
Thanking as she did
The night
Remembering her name

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brightening Flame

within the brightening fire
there burnt a gentle flame
which licked with softer tongue
and whispered me your name
Enamoured of it's coolness
Refreshing as I parched
Little did I notice
The melting of my heart
Turning me to liquid
More fuel for the flames
And I the brightening fire
Scorching at your name

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hmmm Julia Wisdom

The clarity of this deeply seated wisdom
Seems so undeniable
As to be impossible
To be lost to
Yet I cannot separate
In my sea of memory
Fathomable moments
From the frequency
I wander in my own darkness
Lost in the tumbling earth
Sifting through rich sensations
Not even knowing what
I am lost to
What I have lost
Only feeling
The absence
Of knowledge
whilst knowing
Finding requires no search

Morning Frowning

How we think ourselves and frown
Our little waves of up-side down
Wrinkle over eyes so wise
Revealing little cracks inside
That stumble us within our glee
Within our living happily

Loving yours, disliking mine
Our little patterns of the mind
Flashing onto flesh to see
Wakening curiosity...
What ripples there, behind that face?
Desires to fall into that space.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Waxen Wings

Pride and ecstasy
And Excitability

Waxen Wings

Something in the steady beat of love
Lifts me differently

Response to this weeks OSI prompt Icarus

Friday, 4 June 2010

Exuberant Remembrance

Bright ecstatic spirals
Dancing in my cells
As energies pass through them
Illuminating self
Joyous is the singing
I hear under my skin
Exuberant remembrance
Of what I hold within.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Simply some of this expo's pictures :)

Morning Love:)

Some days you're sitting in the chair
With very ordinary air
Caught in conversation there...
I go to make some tea

Then every little step I take
I feel my foot roll on the floor
And hear the gentle noise it makes
Mix as your voice falls through the door
Into most ecstatic song
Of quiet sounds my heart adores
And silent smiles play on my face
As everything feels in it's place

Morning Love:)

Offered as my response to this weeks OSI prompt Love


I watch the hourglass
Pour light out through my heart
The anchor
Of my soul's centre
In the physical

Alternate response to this week's OSI prompt Love

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Squeezing Ashes

Fire of emergence searing through me
I panic and I try to hold it in
Blackening and charring at my edges
The ashes of me dancing in the wind

Pieces of me long to reach and clutch them
Squeeze them gently into form again
Holding onto patterns that I have been
All's comsumed and changed though, in the end

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dream Fall

Dreams fall away
As butterfly wings
Tumbling in the air;
Glancing shows
Ablaze with colours
I had not seen were there.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Caught I orbit
At some terminal velocity
Speed that pulls
The imploding centre
Of my darkness
Out into the void
Each of us
Dancing circles
As who we are is breathed
Out into light.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Missing Ounce

In the brilliance of Love
I never feel the moments
That I grew

It is in its grief
In the aching hole
Of absence
That I realise

As I surrender
To the preciousness
Of every missing ounce
And inch of stretch.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Twisted Rainbow

There's a crack in my vision today
Jagged it wraps around
Like a long scar in my eye line
Near the wonders I have found

It sits just in my right eye
obscuring what I see
Like a tear in time's reality
Twisted rainbow that was me.

It gently makes me nervous
That I can't see the truth
When my fearful heart is looking
To not see any proof.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


The writer in me sits still
And teases as I fish and fidget
As I feel the discomfort
The scratching yawning chasm
Where my words once filled my heart
And flowed onto pages
Making real
My life internal

Even this, empty,
turned on resolutely
By my word holding muse
I turn to pages
Of other's nets
To soak in how the winds
Have been caught
And wrought
By others.

Response to Vicarious this weeks OSI prompt

Monday, 5 April 2010


I have this overwhelming sense of wonder
In the midst of many concepts making sense
Of all of us as many drops of water;
Avatars of The Continuous.
Manifesting every single aspect
Of physical relation on the earth
feeding back assimilated knowing;
Nuances developed in the tide:
Of rough wet rock on warm skin
The yeilding and the loss of self in love
The aching of still feeling with our last breath
Attachment to all things we held as ours
The sunshine
As it poured in through our eyelids
In silent moments lying on the grass
When somehow in the centre was reflected
The Continuous I came to represent.

And this I wonder in that silent spinning
As I surrender all I am to it
If everything existed in beginning
Where can all this extra living fit?

In response to (eek) last weeks OSI prompt Avatar

Tuesday, 23 March 2010



Intoxicating aura whispers
Proximity of words
Still lingering
Near the tip of my pen

In response to Aura this weeks OSI prompt

Sunday, 14 March 2010

in between this


between ~~~ the~~~ words

among ~~~the~~~ stars

within~~~ the~~~ tiny~~~ movements

aching ~~~in~~~ my~~~ heart

it ~~~is~~~ this

in ~~~almost ~~~silence

that ~~~holds ~~~together~~~ shells,

spheres~~~ of ~~~iridescence

and~~~ incandescent~~~ rays,

that ~~~somehow

cracks~~~ me~~~ open

the ~~~silent~~~ sound~~~ of~~~ which

echoes~~~ as~~~ the~~~ murmur

Between~~~ the~~~ words ~~~to ~~~sit.

In response to murmur this weeks OSI prompt

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Silent tornado howling
Sets walls of my heart trembling
Vibration turns
To burning tears
As to my knees
I'm sinking

The aching of the howl
Its noise, lives
Inside my trembling voice
Trapped inside
My throat on fire
As hollowness concaves me.

I've let myself be told
Something that I plainly am
Is something that
I cannot be.
This is where
Belief leaves me:
Lost and vulnerable to tricks
Slipping where the others slip
Longing for a fix
For feelings that afflict me

Guide me into light my love
Shine me through the vast and dark
A glow to equal other stars
Illuminates within me

I trust it with my every breath
Until there is but one thing left
The love that lit my every step
Which you, at once, saw in me.

Friday, 12 March 2010

I have
A moment's pause
Twenty minutes

And I'm
Reading poetry
Writing words
With the constant internal clamour
Of my cells
Calling me
To you

I resist.
Fervent urging
External interrupting

Caught in the swirling
Of all these day time things
The only thing left
In a peaceful dark pause
My loud
And racing heart.

Irresolute Moments

Smooth stride
Sure step
Warm embrace
Smell of neck
Lips soft
Grazing skin
Feeling fire
Grown within.

Separation takes
False starts;
Three attempts
In irresolute moments.
Arguing hearts
Waiting for
The World
To waiver

In response to Hesitation this weeks OSI prompt.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy Hippy

I want to be a Happy Hippy
Painting bodies by the sea
Washed ashore anew each morning
With the sunshine drying me.

I want to be a Gypsy Dancer
Twirling circles by the fire
Lit and spun in shades of passion
Singing as the flames burn higher.

I get to be a Loving Mother
Stretch my heart out by the day
Wearing too big jeans and glitter
Make believing as we play.

Nothing Left

There's no fight left
No waste of breath
No strength to find
Another step
Another stage
Another try
To salvage bits
Of things slipped by

To tired to wriggle
I finally rest
and find the peace
Of no contest
The truth of us
The truth of me
There's only one thing
I can be.
So long
So slow
So slight
She didn't know
What time eroded.

A mountain gone

By mists of
Pure unbeing


Today is a hard day
Brittle bark
And scratchy dust
Dropping bugs
That scurry
Tiredness overwhelms
I slow to hurry
Cleaning up
The worsening mess
Means breaking things
Within my house
My home.


I ran from my mother
I ran from what's good
I ran from myself
and all that I knew

I ran in the dark
I ran in the rain
I ran ever on
and always in pain

I ran from my aches
I ran from my joy
I ran from my love
and all he implored

I ran into shadows
I ran into light
I ran through my days
and straight into night

I stood in the darkness
And all it held there
In quiet and peace
I'm no longer scared.

In response to running this weeks OSI prompt

Friday, 26 February 2010

You're a fire in my heart and a wonder to my mind.

Honey and surrender to the bones of who I am

Impossible dream and unanswerable prayer

Revealed to me and offered as easily as air.

Any moment I am scared

Of ceasing to exist

I am overwhelmed and healed

That I existed as this

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Loved this one :) Perfect Timing.

The peachy thing about uncertainty, Julia, is that when everything else is equal, the cards are still heavily stacked in your favor.In other words, when all things are considered, including uncertainty, they are not equal, and vigilantly remembering this can make all the difference.
Got it?

The Universe

Julia, that one's worth getting: All things are not equal.

learning to fly

Set my sights high
Heart aligned
Jump with both feet
Learning to fly :)


I wondered if,
If my body looked different,
Would it feel the same
When you touch me?
I decided not.
I would lose
The most delicate
I would not experience
The beauty
Of who I am.
For that's your power
To touch me exquisitely
With unbelievable beauty.
So I lay my scars before you;
My hurts,
Self hurts
And hiding,
My lack of self-love
Turned loathing
And float
Under your touch.

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Awakened by aching
Echoed by music
Part of me crumples
At the centre of feeling.

Longing for earth,
and peaceful sleep

In response to insomnia this weeks OSI prompt

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Life asks me
To see past everything
The limits I imagined of myself
Past the images
and syntax of my mind
Into the quickening brightness
Of our heart
Lost in the roar
Of telling us about Love
It's brilliance
Its echoes sounding
In every second
Anyone has lived

I love you


Single singing sun
Inside of everyone
Comes to mind
When you and I
Connect up into one.

In response to Single this weeks OSI prompt


God my heart is tired today
Of giving so much love away
When so much learning in return
Is how to love yet be alone

I wish I held the words you said
They slip from me
Fall from my head
And God my heart is tired today
As so much learnt just slips away.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Little questions?

Am I brave enough for this?
Or will some truth
My acts dismiss
Out of hand
and out of habit
Let it slip
Instead of grab it
With both hands
and open heart?
Am I brave enough to start?
Will this little fire begun
Turn into the blazing sun
Of personal power
In every moment
Creating life
The way my heart dreamt?

Impossible Thing

I read a title a week ago
And it struck at once as true
The reality of my learning curve
Has been blown apart by you.

Tiny ditty in response to the prompt Blowing The Curve on One Single Impression

Friday, 29 January 2010

Day Off?

If nobody's going to be
checking today
I shall let both my children
do nothing but play
I shall listen to music
And frequently dance
I shall laze in the chair
Reading romance

The cooking, the cleaning
The washing can wait
We'll eat what we fancy
Off found party plates
Education and growth
Will happen by chance
While we listen to music
And frequently dance.

When we're not being checked on
By those in my head
Art books and manuals
For new toys get read
The boys laugh and giggle
At plots they advance
I mostly sing loudly
And frequently dance :)

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Known Universe

It tickled me to give you The Known Universe today!

Monday, 25 January 2010

Sunny Days

The Blue Green Brilliance
Of existence knowing
In the revealed
Is the hidden.
The connected joy
Of open heart
Hearing the ecstasy
Feeling the tickles
Smelling the nectar
of the Brilliant
Blue Green Day.

In response to Sunny Days over at One Single Impression

Thursday, 21 January 2010


Quietly the dreams
They creep up on me
Edging through the silence
And the hope
Connected by the thread
That pulls upon me
Stirring space
Within the me that's known

Calling softly
With their sweetest voices
Reassuring fears I felt before
Can I go to them completely
As they open up
The endless door.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It Reigns

Free fluidity
Through which falls
All Manna of life;
Sounds and squalls
Sharp and circling
Ferocious and wanting
Delicate handling,
Gentle smoothing,
Quiet attempting
At elusive understanding.

I got brave enough!
This is inspired by this weeks prompt Chaos over at One Single Impression

Friday, 15 January 2010

Changing Everything

I ask for everything to change

& The Everything asks of me

To change, again.

If at first you paint a blue sky

Wouldn't you then want to paint it pink?

Or mauve? or green?

Wouldn't the light and life around you

Shift and change and move as you do?

Growth evolving difference

From one state to another;

From an old perspective to the new,

Letting and allowing it as we go.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Seeing from the sky
The lights that enter
You and I
Hidden in the flesh

In acts of kindness
Are released
In brighter ways
Bringing Peace
To rise again
What this means

To be
A human heart on Earth
To comprehend
Delicate worth
Of aching here
And living in this time

And so
The cycle starts again
By Brightening Friends
Sending lights
To live in us divine.

Divine Fire

I hear my music
Playing now
Rhythm in me
to allow
Love that calls
Fire from the sky.

A hundred times
Within myself
The Love divine
In the furnace
Of this dance.

May all illusion
Burn away
All sense of loss
Dross and decay
Leaving nothing
More than
Who we are

Old Stories

So bring me old stories
The ones that steal breath
The ones that stop heartbeats
Light fire in my chest
I hunger for hearing
The ways that a human can be;

Opened by weaknesses,
Stretched past complacencies
Into the centre of truth,
Called by deep duties,
Forged by our challenges,
Softened by others we meet.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Cracked Pot

The cracked pot
Sitting on the hill
Waiting for the storm
Longing to feel
The clear falling rain
Fill it with purpose:
Cradling the waters.

Not the best loved,
Not the first chosen,
Nor the most complete.

Struck by lightning
Burnt through the cracks
Blown into pieces
To never stick back
Laying as fragments
On top of the hill
Each of them smouldering
As the rain fills.

Leonard Cohen says:
'There is a crack in every thing'

Monday, 11 January 2010

Worth It

I'm wondering if the day has come
My heart says "No more!"
"No more pushing and pulling
Stretching and growing!
I cannot encompass this"

Is it that this grief that pours
Is old or new?
Grief for the moments missed
And lost and gone
Or for the ones
That will not come
If I cannot persuade my heart
That yet again it's worth the start
The stretching, growing, beating hard
To make the room.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Endless Put

Upon the page
I write today
Of things to be
And to be done,
Of fears full-blown,
Of Loves unkown
And yearning to be One.
I endless put
My pen to page.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Alternative Snow Play

It all started with our eldest staring out of the window and exclaiming that the sky was so white it looked like paper! He promptly decided it would make the perfect canvas for whiteboard markers....

I just loved watching them all!

I know I won't ever be stung by a jellyfish as a child

Every dream I have for myself, I could grieve
Because I know
That most of them will never be
And those that will, will pass

But as a human,
Nothing more special,
I know
Somewhere, someone
Lives my dream for me
Simply because they are human too

I imagine can feel my dreams
Being lived by others
If such a thing as 'other' exists;
Which just leaves me to wonder
Whether any others exist
Or just my dreams.

So I let go
And let the dreams wash though,
Enjoying them and being cleansed.

I marvel at who we are,
That so much can be dreamt...

Excited by the thought,
That my long held dream of knowing this
In another,
That I get to know,
Might be here

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Loving This

The way that Beth, and her friends at The Virtual Teahouse, express their experiences of Spirit being lived in everyday life, never ceases to refresh, refill and re-focus me. Every visit I make to the VTH brings a blessing. I'm Loving this Poem by Beth today...written in response to the prompt 'wings' on One Single Impression...A community of poets and another beautiful oasis in itself. (Think I might even get brave enough to join in soon!)
The flow and images in this are somehow familiar and revealing at the same time...very taken by it indeed! Thank You for sharing it Beth :)

One night
I dreamed I was in an underground river
flowing through the religions of the world
watching them develop and unfold.
First was the garden of the world.
I floated/swam through the most gracious of waters
warm and sultry—bringing life to everything the river touched.

Then came structures for religious thought.
I saw Abraham and Sarah, in a tent in the desert. Arguing and making rough love.
I saw Jacob dreaming his dream of angels and a spiral staircase to heaven.
Frescos of scenes I’d never read about and couldn’t recall when I awoke, slid by.
I saw the Buddha teaching, laughing with disciples.
I experienced Krishna dancing, great dances to At-Man.
I saw Jesus in a crowd, talking calmly and with great passion.
Muhammed was busy teaching that Allah is One.
He was already misunderstood as the words were spoken.
And then there were Sufis dancing passionate DNA spirals, love poems to the One.

I traveled through wars about who rightfully owned the river.
It just kept flowing.
Sometimes it was cold and dark.
Other times golden and warm.
There were aqueducts, underground bridges, arches of ancient stone.
When it was my time to get out
The river deposited me gently on a sunny, sandy beach.
I breathed and laid still and watched the gulls swooping and talking trash.
From this dream, my wings of understanding have grown stronger.


I got to do this for two hours yesterday!!! We've been waiting to say hello to our new great-niece since 14 Dec, patiently (not!) through Christmas and coughs and colds! She's soooo beautiful.


Welcome to the world Little One, life is beautiful!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Midnight Flower

Longing to break, crack, blossom and fall
Open myself to the feeling of all
The falling completely into the bliss
As I hover, so gently, the edges of this
A midnight so huge where my mind use to be
A night of forever, impossible dreams
Asking too much of existence, I call
Longing to break, crack, blossom and fall.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Feeling The End of The Decade

I'm remembering now, the ridiculous number of times, this year (last Year!) that I found myself thinking...."this is just like ten years ago"
Strange, patterns repeating so clearly as though unfinished...very, very trippy!
Feeling excited and truly as though I am launching into the unknown with the beginning of this decade, at the same time as being suspended in The Single Moment...Happy trippy!

I love it when life is surprising, and I guess that's what I'm hoping for. Last year I picked the word Astonishing for 2009 and found myself applying it to the moment on several occasions...
and the close of the year has been deeply astonishing...
revealing, renewing, affirming, powerful, sacred, Full of Love, intriguing, and illusion shattering. And that's what I want so much for this year that I think I'm choosing the whole list fo 2010!

So I wish for myself, and you if you desire, a revealing, renewing, affirming, power full, sacred, Full of Love, intriguing and illusion shattering 2010!
(as if it could be any other way!)

Hug Love and a Big Kiss
Always Julia