Sunday, 8 August 2010


I'm a connoisseur
Of the air
Of the vibes
Eternally aware
Of your hides
And your lies
Of the rise in emotions
You so passively guise
I am a connoisseur

Yes, I'm a connoisseur
Well trained
In my art
Of eternal shell stepping
And avoidance of hurt
Practiced in caring
To the point I'm inert
So my new connoisseurship
Will be my own heart

Hmmm not sure about this one at all...but it's my offering for this weeks OSI prompt connoisseur


Leo said...

i think it does ring true.. after all, one is the expert in knowing one's own heart..!

Jim said...

"I am a connoisseur," i.e. a beach bum? Nice allegorical lines here, Julia. They come through pretty loud and clear.
BTW, Mrs. Jim and I just returned from holiday in London and the Baltic. Our daughter and her family have moved to London, for two to four years. We will return soon.

Sandra (if) said...

good and nice hopes...beautiful words!!

ρομπερτ said...

What an honour it must be to hear these lines. Impressed ! Please have a good new week.

daily athens

Tumblewords: said...

It's a good thing to know one's heart! Lovely lines.

Amity said...

oh no...but you are a real connoisseur of feelings Julia...:)

that's far more important than anything else...:) *smiles*

i love your take...thanks for participating in my prompt! :)

SandyCarlson said...

"Practiced in caring/to the point I'm inert" sure speaks to me. I like this very much. So honest and real.

SisterJulia said...

Thank you Leo :)

I hope you and Mrs Jim had a good time in London Jim! Perhaps one visit you might make it down to Brighton...nice day trip:)

Thank you Sandra, nice to meet you

ρομπερτ a pleasure to meet you this week too.

There's not a lot else I know as well suddenly filled with feeling that it would be lovely to know the heart of another as well

Thank you Amity! It was one of those challenging posts...I wasn't sure I liked what it brought out but very cathartic!:)

:) aye and there's the rub Sandy! Caught between desiring to know and love the hearts of others, to be in service to something beautiful, graceful and true, and getting caught up in 'caring'.
Love :)

gabrielle said...

Caring, careful, carefree... what a razor's edge we tread. A brilliant and brave poem.

Loch Rob said...

Avoiding hurt and pain is a natural instinct. Focusing on ones own heart ultimately can allow us to take that external risk. I hope we are all experts in ourselves.