Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hmm :D

Love is my Mistress
And Truth is my Master
And I am subordinate to these

Normality, morality
fail me navigationally
On this living sea of ecstasy

Friday, 25 June 2010


what am I not saying to you?
What within me
Is not true?
What thing is this
I can't admit?
What is it
I wont let exist?

Trouble shared
Is trouble halved
Blown apart
But poison shared
Is poison spread
So let the words
Not form instead.

Today's Tide

Today there is The Ache
Deeply lost
Within the wake
Of endless tides
Life makes

First in
Then out
Incesssant doubt
Leeches something
Onto beaches
Bleaching essence out

Leaving me
With stones

Cold and heavy
Laying in me
Against my bones

In Her Darkness

In the night
Her legs grew longer
eyes grew sharp
and heart grew wilder
The pounding pace
Of feral drumming
lay gently in her breast
and calmly
In her breath

She felt the dance
Sway long and languid
Stalk her step
So softly padded
Into silent space
In between the worlds

And in the trees
The shadows friendly
Shades she missed
And ached for daily
Whispered rough
The sinking evening
Into homesick ears

Knowing she could just keep walking
Avoid the lights
With all their guiding
Into dark
Eternal calling
Sweetly out her name

She answered it the same

Longest time
She sat quite still then
Eyes transfixed
To something unseen
Listening silence
Gently twitching
Patience past the sane.

Time not right
for travelling onward
Turned herself again
Slow homeward
Thanking as she did
The night
Remembering her name

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brightening Flame

within the brightening fire
there burnt a gentle flame
which licked with softer tongue
and whispered me your name
Enamoured of it's coolness
Refreshing as I parched
Little did I notice
The melting of my heart
Turning me to liquid
More fuel for the flames
And I the brightening fire
Scorching at your name

Monday, 21 June 2010

Hmmm Julia Wisdom

The clarity of this deeply seated wisdom
Seems so undeniable
As to be impossible
To be lost to
Yet I cannot separate
In my sea of memory
Fathomable moments
From the frequency
I wander in my own darkness
Lost in the tumbling earth
Sifting through rich sensations
Not even knowing what
I am lost to
What I have lost
Only feeling
The absence
Of knowledge
whilst knowing
Finding requires no search

Morning Frowning

How we think ourselves and frown
Our little waves of up-side down
Wrinkle over eyes so wise
Revealing little cracks inside
That stumble us within our glee
Within our living happily

Loving yours, disliking mine
Our little patterns of the mind
Flashing onto flesh to see
Wakening curiosity...
What ripples there, behind that face?
Desires to fall into that space.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Waxen Wings

Pride and ecstasy
And Excitability

Waxen Wings

Something in the steady beat of love
Lifts me differently

Response to this weeks OSI prompt Icarus

Friday, 4 June 2010

Exuberant Remembrance

Bright ecstatic spirals
Dancing in my cells
As energies pass through them
Illuminating self
Joyous is the singing
I hear under my skin
Exuberant remembrance
Of what I hold within.