Tuesday, 23 March 2010



Intoxicating aura whispers
Proximity of words
Still lingering
Near the tip of my pen

In response to Aura this weeks OSI prompt

Sunday, 14 March 2010

in between this


between ~~~ the~~~ words

among ~~~the~~~ stars

within~~~ the~~~ tiny~~~ movements

aching ~~~in~~~ my~~~ heart

it ~~~is~~~ this

in ~~~almost ~~~silence

that ~~~holds ~~~together~~~ shells,

spheres~~~ of ~~~iridescence

and~~~ incandescent~~~ rays,

that ~~~somehow

cracks~~~ me~~~ open

the ~~~silent~~~ sound~~~ of~~~ which

echoes~~~ as~~~ the~~~ murmur

Between~~~ the~~~ words ~~~to ~~~sit.

In response to murmur this weeks OSI prompt

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Silent tornado howling
Sets walls of my heart trembling
Vibration turns
To burning tears
As to my knees
I'm sinking

The aching of the howl
Its noise, lives
Inside my trembling voice
Trapped inside
My throat on fire
As hollowness concaves me.

I've let myself be told
Something that I plainly am
Is something that
I cannot be.
This is where
Belief leaves me:
Lost and vulnerable to tricks
Slipping where the others slip
Longing for a fix
For feelings that afflict me

Guide me into light my love
Shine me through the vast and dark
A glow to equal other stars
Illuminates within me

I trust it with my every breath
Until there is but one thing left
The love that lit my every step
Which you, at once, saw in me.

Friday, 12 March 2010

I have
A moment's pause
Twenty minutes

And I'm
Reading poetry
Writing words
With the constant internal clamour
Of my cells
Calling me
To you

I resist.
Fervent urging
External interrupting

Caught in the swirling
Of all these day time things
The only thing left
In a peaceful dark pause
My loud
And racing heart.

Irresolute Moments

Smooth stride
Sure step
Warm embrace
Smell of neck
Lips soft
Grazing skin
Feeling fire
Grown within.

Separation takes
False starts;
Three attempts
In irresolute moments.
Arguing hearts
Waiting for
The World
To waiver

In response to Hesitation this weeks OSI prompt.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Happy Hippy

I want to be a Happy Hippy
Painting bodies by the sea
Washed ashore anew each morning
With the sunshine drying me.

I want to be a Gypsy Dancer
Twirling circles by the fire
Lit and spun in shades of passion
Singing as the flames burn higher.

I get to be a Loving Mother
Stretch my heart out by the day
Wearing too big jeans and glitter
Make believing as we play.

Nothing Left

There's no fight left
No waste of breath
No strength to find
Another step
Another stage
Another try
To salvage bits
Of things slipped by

To tired to wriggle
I finally rest
and find the peace
Of no contest
The truth of us
The truth of me
There's only one thing
I can be.
So long
So slow
So slight
She didn't know
What time eroded.

A mountain gone

By mists of
Pure unbeing


Today is a hard day
Brittle bark
And scratchy dust
Dropping bugs
That scurry
Tiredness overwhelms
I slow to hurry
Cleaning up
The worsening mess
Means breaking things
Within my house
My home.


I ran from my mother
I ran from what's good
I ran from myself
and all that I knew

I ran in the dark
I ran in the rain
I ran ever on
and always in pain

I ran from my aches
I ran from my joy
I ran from my love
and all he implored

I ran into shadows
I ran into light
I ran through my days
and straight into night

I stood in the darkness
And all it held there
In quiet and peace
I'm no longer scared.

In response to running this weeks OSI prompt