Monday, 27 July 2009

EFT and Human Petri Dishes!

Offering this today it's a brief reminder/explaination of some points Bruce Lipton covered in one of the Jennifer McLean's Healing with the Masters shows earlier this year. It's been good for me today. I came to this after clicking on a Bruce Lipton quote promoting EFT which we've been using to the max in our house over the last 24hrs...I'm happy with the little links life is offering me today!

I use my blogger blog as my on-line 'centre' so the links and video bars and are essentially set up for my own use, my own reminders just as my own old scrappy books of writing are where I return to to centre myself in my physical world...I definitely love being able to share all the things I find too though!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Love on tailcast

This lovely little video was created by a friend on tailcast the Wonderful Beautiful Steff. It was created earlier this year and I only just found it...I think it's a little gem.

Have to say tailcast is as chock full of diverse amazing creativeness as ever you really must go check it out!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Asking for Forgiveness

Hmmmm...just pondering the forgiveness thing

I have a sense that asking for forgiveness is not asking to be 'let off' but a wish that the person wronged be released from their anger and hurt by a heartfelt remorse. That balance and freeing of Love to flow clearly again is the desired result.

I also understand for-give-ness to be the giving of love in circumstances you would not have thought possible until it happens.

The thing I'm pondering this morning is more about my concept of Spirit/God/All That Is and forgiveness...

That perhaps my feelings of faith and surrender to something bigger than myself are my need for forgiveness. That perhaps I'm really not sure how to forgive myself without external forgiveness...even though when I feel I need to ask for forgiveness I have faith that I am forgiven instantly, automatically, no questions asked and feel the release and Love flow immediately.


'forgiveness is not asking to be 'let off' but a wish that the person wronged be released from their anger and hurt by a heartfelt remorse'

! The faith I do have of Spirit/Universal Energy/Love Eternal is that It Is complete, undamageable and impossible to offend and so would have no need of releasing from its angry judgements

...That's Me!!

Huh! Forgiving myself all along! Cool!

Been Wondering about that all morning...funny how far we can get from our own understanding!

Now I'm wondering if each time we come back round to understanding something we do so more deeply than before? And does it ever stick permanently?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

New Friend!

Thomas is our littlest ones newest friend! Much love is flowing into this new relationship which has involved some days of continual requests to visit Thomas and much parental persuasion that Thomas is asleep!
We have made one trip to Drusillas where I think nearly twenty rides were taken on Thomas's train but apparently it's too long to wait until the next visit... so under very specific instruction this week, shops were raided, several hours were spent planning, cutting and taping and now we have a rather large extra member of the family!

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Sunshine Pictures

Well as the last couple of days have been greyer and a lot wetter I was happy to find these sunny pics on my phone! Though I also thoroughly enjoyed walking slowly home through the evening downpour last night, listening to the rain falling and dripping from trees and rushing river like down into the storm drains...bit of sunshine never goes amiss!

I love the light through and on these petals, totally captures that evening's walk!

And above the Gorgeous Goddess stone I found on Littlehampton Beach

and below a little sparkly crystal on...though I'm not sure it shows!