Monday, 24 March 2008

Busy Easter!

...Busy, my head is spinning
Like a whirlpool it's neverending!

Life is a little like driving a team of huskies that all want to go different directions at the moment!
Time for a little less direction possibly.

Lots of drawing this week...including another portrait attempt (why can't I let this go?) that's what is coming up today.

Hope you had an excellent and Happy Easter.
Big kisses

Sunday, 16 March 2008

I'm not sure

I'm not sure why I have disappeared, and it could be another week or so before I'm back.

Photobucket has a cool new editing tool.

If you get grumpy , you can harmlessly blast your way through any site you fancy....planting the flowers returns my sense of calm.

Hugs and kisses.

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Portraits are enticing and exasperating...I want to capture, and communicate, and show this amazing beauty...and I feel like I'm making wobbly, wonky muddy drab to how anyone does this for pleasure I'm a touch unsure.
Mind you it's pleasurable to start, sometimes, and sometimes in the middle...but the ending is yukky!

And I had more fun with the perhaps they are just more my's so interesting just finding stuff out about how to create...I've never tried to achieve likenesses before...

And it is soooo lovely honouring the art...finding more respect for and studying and practicing...amazing and lovely.

I have to have one more play with the pastels, to have a go at scenery, some of the things people did in class were so vibrant and colourful...

Never done scenery before for it's own it feels weird...

This kind of picture has a value that I didn't understand before...I've always wondered why try to copy something so beautiful? Paint and paper can never be as delicate, as brilliant, as numinous as nature and light are, but finally I find myself looking at what I've drawn, with it's limitations (and mine) and thinking, "well I like it as a picture."
I'm wondering how all this will work out, how art through me will change? it feels exciting...

Oh and I have felt completely well for days and days...I feel normal, I'm enjoying normal...Jan to March always used to be a busy, push myself time of year...spring and my Birthday on their way...but I realised this week that the last three years these have been my lowest months...hmmm lessons anyone?!

I'm off to enjoy, normal, average and mediocre it's wonderfully freeing.

Big Sunshine Wishes.

Monday, 3 March 2008


So this is the picture I've been working on today (in the middle of everything else)...still see problems, but am happy with the things I've learnt as well.

oh my, oh. my, oh my!

Had enough of falling ill now!...last year managed to avoid every
cold going ....this year can't seem to escape anything! ...hmm and my keyboard is playing up, don't be overly surprised by missing letters!

So I've lost days again over silly trifling little bugs...feeling great today though... hopefuly all is back to normal.

I'm out of touch with everythng...except for with my sister...who is moving to the end of my road in less than two weeks!!! Oh my! again.

So today I shall continue to put my house in order...hoping to keep space for drawing as well...and then cleanse/smoke/clear all the silly trifling little bugs right out of it! We're going to be too busy the rest of the year to be ill.

Hope to post later with new artwork.

Big Kiss