Monday, 29 December 2008

A Doozy

These are some of my wintery deccies, I've been playing in normal and uv light...I've also come up against my very limited html understanding and the three column code loaded to my blogger's all gone more than a bit screwy.

Anyone who could rescue me from having to start again from scratch yet help me end up with a lovely functional the column set up that looks the same on everyone's computer gets a free picture or two!

In between whiles I send Huge hugs, Big Kisses and best wishes for the New Year to everyone, I've a feeling 2009 is going to be a doozy...if 2008 was the year of change I feel 2009 could be the one of astonishment...don't ask me why...just a feeling...I wish you an astonishing 09!

Sunday, 21 December 2008


When you give something part of you is open, momentarily letting glimpses of your soul shine through, opening those aspects into communication and healing with the soul of those that open up to receive.

Something wonderful clicked in me yesterday, as I wrote my morning pages I became aware that everyone on the planet has a dream. Even if that dream is just to make it to the next moment, find food or water, survive the next punch, pass through pain or just sit down and rest. Internally, awareness taking stock of the moment we are in and beginning to hope for the next moment....and for a few moments I saw the planet from that perspective...a planet of hope energy in all it's different flavours. Saw it's completeness, how everything conceived is included in this very moment, the ups, downs, good, bad, ecstasy, hopes, peace and desperation.

I feel that somewhere, someone is holding part of this whole for you and for me. This is my belief, my understanding of existence...that if something exists, it has to exist...Therefore, if there is something that you know exists, and you are not being it, then someone else is being it. So these moments for me, as well as moments of sheer awe and the most tender joy at seeing a 'whole' moment, are also always ones of deep gratitude. Gratitude for life and existence, and deep gratitude that in this moment I am neither perpetrator or victim of anything I could not bear to be; and gratitude for all those brave enough to be living wild and beautiful dreams so that we can see them and aspire to them even before we are ready to be them ourselves.

Loving to be reminded just how much of a gift life continuously is.

And This is the start of my thank you for this year blogs, This thanks going to Halcyon Pink..for among other amazing things the video above.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter Branches

I can't believe this picture was taken just hours before everyone became ill! They're still ill! Though this evening finally is an improvement on the last couple of days, there's even hope I might get a nights sleep!

Here are the atrociously lit, taken with my phone, want to do it now, photos of my last three winter picture, they actually make up one A2 picture, so that'll show you how off the lighting is, the middle one is the truest to what I see on my wall. If the light is good enough tomorrow I'm hoping to put up a new panoramic at the top of the page, with all my deccies for Christmas.

Big Kiss

Monday, 15 December 2008

Saying Hi!

I'm actually stopped in my tracks tonight...finally there is nothing practical I can do...everybody is ill and they have picked a separate room each to hide in, so I can't clean, sort, decorate or paint!

I'm also a little nervous to go to bed with everybody so spread out I'm not sure I'll hear them if they need me.

At least that brings me finally to here, for myself. The TAW has opened up huge things for me, and I'm constantly busy at the moment...either with my own thinking/writing/clearing or community creative tasks such as facepainting, crown making or snowflake glittering with local children at groups.

This year for the first in a few I've really found Christmas and all it's preparation and decorations a wonderfully enjoyable distraction from the ever deepening cold and greyness of the shortening days. By the time it's all finished and packed away we'll be headed in the direction of Spring at the beginning of a New Year

I'm usually busy racing to complete things before my next Birthday but for the last couple of years have been really ill January through March...So we'll see. I'm trying to take a bit better care of myself through these weeks in the hope it'll pay off then.

I've been celebrating winter in my pictures, a couple of which are here today and a couple more I promise I'll post in the next few days, I have a ceiling full of snowflakes too!

The pics are play and experimentation, but I'm liking the way they are going...everything has irredescent pastel in, which historically I've found annoying in some way...too much...but this time I'm loving the fact that when I sit in different seats I see different pictures.

I hope your lead up to Christmas is going well.

Big Kiss