Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Just Love This One!

Taken by my gorgeous husband Mark ♥

Busy Doing Loving

I'm just realising how satisying busy days are...perhaps because I am beginning to feel on top of things at the moment and am gloriously wrapped in the foolish denial of imagining that I can continue to be...but busy days are satisfying.

Big Kiss

Blessed Light

Blessed moments
I am nothing more
Than the dream of my children
The dream of my childhood
The light of Love's memories
Seen through my Heart.

I Love You

Monday, 12 October 2009



Sleepy dreaming early morning

Rambling thinking ideas dawning

Papers folding leaving marks

Unsure writing in the dark

Flowing loving feelings ebbing

Practicalities awakening

Information begins filtering

Through the lighted cracks

Hopeful waiting wishing holding

Memories treasured now are

Little voices
chime beginnings

the clean slate day.