Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Little French one

Art class today, this is a section of me learning that it's very difficult to do skin tones on black paper!

Monday, 28 April 2008


It's monday, gorgeously sunny and the two babes I have with me today are currently sleeping.

Ahhh peace at last.

I still need to draw Stevie baby's teeth but have to wait for another pic for that.

Ok trying the keyboard on my lap! brilliant so now I have my feet up as well...what more could i WANT?


Today is day three of a ten day raw food break,mostly just to see how I actually feel and what I'd really like to eat after a break from all the cakes/sugar/biscuits/junk I've been eating least Christmas.

I feel so much better already, more relaxed and definitely simplified. It's easier to listen to my body as well...though not so easy to go to my sister's first barbecue on Saturday, or even have best friends round for one of Marks gorgeous roastie meals yesterday! It smelt lovely.

Bumped into the lady that runs the drop-in art class today, so I think my next adventure is figure work.

Big kisses

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Spirit and Me

I love to commune with spirit/God/All that is through people. Nature/anything/ everything too...but Love seeing it through people...
I've been missing something recently...missing remebering (I always type that wrong and then change it, today I'm leaving it) Re Me bering?
God! how often have I heard that! It's always Me Me Me with you!
Good. It's what I know best...and I guess that's the constant ingredient for communing with Spirit. Me with people, Me with nature, Me with anything and everything.
I guess that's what I needed to remember

Big Love.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Slightly detached

Ok Stevie Baby's piccie is done, save deciding whether to give him all his teeth or not. It is the most conservative looking picture I think I have ever done in my life, which has made it a little awkward to like...even if he's kind of cute. Maybe it just reminds me of school too much!

Time seems very strange to me at the moment. Every day is busy, and passing....noisy and messy and running around after house and children. Seeing the sunshine. All very slightly detached though and timeless. Maybe I'm tired.

Getting a little more time on the internet now, have had to bring back a link list (on the blogspot blog).The tag roll from is pretty but not very practical for everyday access.

There is so much to see out there, beautiful art and people...there is so much colour and movement in this world. It is truly beautiful. Terrible, and wonderful and beautiful.

Ok off to enjoy all that in a slightly detached timeless way. Big kisses to you. Yes you.


One of my mum's pic's.

See, told you it was beautiful!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Taken over

Our lives have been somewhat hi-jacked by portrait drawing...I'm missing spending time browsing blogs! And writing in my own!

I also use the computer a fair bit during the portrait process, scanning the work in to compare side by side with the original, and even though this time I have an actual photo to work from, I still find that very helpful...Unfortunately the rest of the family are barely getting a computer look-in.

Above is an A4 section of Stevie baby's old school picture portrait...still a way to go, but hopefully not too much longer, it must be around eight hours work so far...if I plan to continue I hope to get a bit quicker!...or a lot better. This is the first time I've had a go with blending with rolled up paper (can't remember what that's called!) and it definitely helps stop younger skin looking full of wrinkly pencil lines.

This blog is looking a bit portrait-tastic though...I promise you and myself to get some alternate life back!

Big kisses

Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Woohoo!...time to dance!..well at least wiggle a bit...I think it's finished.

It hasn't taken quite as long as I was scared that it would...but I have lost track of how many days I've been working on this one...this is an A4 scan out of the middle of an almost A2 size picture, and I kind of wish I had done it even bigger! Z's face is quite small for working on at this size.

Pencil is quite an economical medium...if you don't count the time it takes!

Paper is expensive though, and this quite expensive sheet was a mistake, even though I asked in the art shop for help, it wasn't strong enough for the amount of lifting and corrections I'm in the habit of making. maybe now I'll get to read a bit more of other peoples blogs, and find out what everyone else has been up to!

Big kiss.

just realised I missed another hugnation!

Monday, 14 April 2008

as it stands

Art for my mum!

So here's the piece I'm working on...current photo, scan and original image... and below are three of the scans I've taken as the picture is being done...It's driving me nuts by the way...taking forever and I'm still short on faith that Z will look like Z!

Big kisses

Sia and snow

I had the absolute delight of seeing Sia at the Komedia for my Birthday treat! I loved the huge neon flowers!...I'm waiting for a photo of the UV mask outfits worn to perform buttons as the opening number. Sia kept everything feeling friendly and intimate, and the whole performance was gorgeous...her voice is amazing, to have the audience standing in silence for all the right reasons is amazing...(She made us dance too)

And this is just a quick picture of the snow we had last Sunday!

Art pics next....

Monday, 7 April 2008

Such an insight!

This is twenty minutes long! but sooo worth watching if you are at all interested in enlightenment, spiritual experiences, the human brain, or human conscious experience.

Watching this today has been a wonderful release.
Every now and then I hear a clear description, by another human being of these perspectives. Sometimes they are described as moments of enlightenment, sometimes as breakdowns, sometimes as accessible by drug, meditation or trance...hearing other people describe these things makes me feel saner, connected and almost unspeakably grateful for life.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Feeling amazed

So I've finally finished and scanned in Z's pics as best I can. I'm surprised and happy with the results.

Z's dad was here today and made a comment about me only just discovering I could do this, that something had opened or tuned in the right channel in me, and that felt so true it stunned me a bit to hear it.

The pictures are here on my wall and every time I look at them I'm surprised...can't quite believe that I did them...I'm craving all day to get back to drawing! It's all quite new and strange.

Need a bigger scanner though!...and I'd like a pencil I'm going to try and make one, I think.

Our little one, who is sleeping like this at the moment, sprained his wrist today...little bandages are really sad and really sweet.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Drawing every moment.

I'm stopping by to say Hi and show you what I've been doing instead of getting to the computer for the last few days! I'm amazed at what can be acheived with a few pencils and A LOT of patience.
The picture above is a section of a work in progress, and the one below a section of a finished one, and I'm going to do a third of the same little girl. You can click and enlarge them if you view them on my blogspot:
Big kisses

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Trusting the Sea

It's a week since I've written.

Not entirely true, it's a week since I posted anything I wrote!

I feel like a changing sea at the thread to follow, other than the desire to draw, just waves, tides and winds of change.

I'm walking every day, even if it's only for five minutes...I think it gives me a more linear sense of movement at least briefly.

That's it...I don't feel as though I'm making progress...just as though I'm treading water, feeling the immense weight of the sea pushing me about. Though, in a quiet, lulling and supportive way.

So in fact, even if I'm not swimming in a direction and I can't see any shore to orient myself, I'm still travelling, still have a sense that I'm going to gradually find myself somewhere else, only at the discretion of the sea.

I trust the sea.