Monday, 12 April 2010

Twisted Rainbow

There's a crack in my vision today
Jagged it wraps around
Like a long scar in my eye line
Near the wonders I have found

It sits just in my right eye
obscuring what I see
Like a tear in time's reality
Twisted rainbow that was me.

It gently makes me nervous
That I can't see the truth
When my fearful heart is looking
To not see any proof.

Sunday, 11 April 2010


The writer in me sits still
And teases as I fish and fidget
As I feel the discomfort
The scratching yawning chasm
Where my words once filled my heart
And flowed onto pages
Making real
My life internal

Even this, empty,
turned on resolutely
By my word holding muse
I turn to pages
Of other's nets
To soak in how the winds
Have been caught
And wrought
By others.

Response to Vicarious this weeks OSI prompt

Monday, 5 April 2010


I have this overwhelming sense of wonder
In the midst of many concepts making sense
Of all of us as many drops of water;
Avatars of The Continuous.
Manifesting every single aspect
Of physical relation on the earth
feeding back assimilated knowing;
Nuances developed in the tide:
Of rough wet rock on warm skin
The yeilding and the loss of self in love
The aching of still feeling with our last breath
Attachment to all things we held as ours
The sunshine
As it poured in through our eyelids
In silent moments lying on the grass
When somehow in the centre was reflected
The Continuous I came to represent.

And this I wonder in that silent spinning
As I surrender all I am to it
If everything existed in beginning
Where can all this extra living fit?

In response to (eek) last weeks OSI prompt Avatar