Monday, 5 April 2010


I have this overwhelming sense of wonder
In the midst of many concepts making sense
Of all of us as many drops of water;
Avatars of The Continuous.
Manifesting every single aspect
Of physical relation on the earth
feeding back assimilated knowing;
Nuances developed in the tide:
Of rough wet rock on warm skin
The yeilding and the loss of self in love
The aching of still feeling with our last breath
Attachment to all things we held as ours
The sunshine
As it poured in through our eyelids
In silent moments lying on the grass
When somehow in the centre was reflected
The Continuous I came to represent.

And this I wonder in that silent spinning
As I surrender all I am to it
If everything existed in beginning
Where can all this extra living fit?

In response to (eek) last weeks OSI prompt Avatar


Loch Rob said...

I like the analogy we are all many drops of water together. I suppose we form a huge ocean or sea, rising and falling with the tide. Nice imagery through the middle of your poem too. Quit reflective and introspective overall.