Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday Sunday

I've been busy doing non art non internet life!

I've been clubbing with girlfriends, sitting on the beach at night with girlfriends, laying on the beach in the sun, waking up to storms with our youngest and watching films with our's been a lovely weekend.

Mark's Birthday tomorrow...

Hmmmm the next blog will be my hundredth post on myspace...passed that point without ever noticing on all my other blogs...I also passed 1000 visitors this week! So I think I shall do the giveaway thing...details in the hundredth post sometime this week.

Big Kiss

Saturday, 30 August 2008


The Dreaming Tree by Kalee on tailcast
I might still be a little under the influence...but I'm feeling bright and super zingy this (ahem) afternoon...(didn't wake up until 12:10!)

Can't go out though as it's nap time for others in the house! so I'm babysitting and blogging.

Thought I'd quickly share the magical Magical Tree pic many times I've doodled magical and wishing trees and this pic looks just how I imagine they would really look!

Kalee has some stunning pic in her gallery, hope you enjoy them.

Big kiss

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Info blog!


I love my spaces and blogs...they all have different purposes and different friends...and they all make perfect wonderful Julia logic sense to me...Of course not so much to my beloveds and friends...So here's the rough guide

The main three same content (essentially) blogs, of which you are reading one, and their differences are:
This is the oldest, plainest and easiest on the screen load can only comment or message me here if you have an LJ account yourself.
The profile page has some old links and friends can give my a hug on the profile page!
Probably the worst page for screen load, this is the myspace profile page and I've weighted it down with badges and music and film clips and slideshow, friends to click on and art huh!
The blog page itself is no where near as much of a pain to load! I have my highest number of blog readers here on the myspace blog...I often send you a Big Kiss but I have no idea who you are!!
Again to comment or send a message you have to have a myspace account.
This is more of a pain to load than it used to be! (sorry) Because it is my centre of my little on-line-verse I have links and rss feeds and video bars of the things I like to keep an eye if you want to know what I know that's where to visit.
And regardless of what my mum and sister say you can post comments anonymously...without any account!...I just went and did it myself here.
So if you want to say Hi or make a comment without logging in anywhere or send me a message (comments don't publish automatically, I have to read them) that's the blog to head to.

The current new baby of course is tailcast, this is my page where the load time is good, but it might take you a few minutes to get the hang of navigating! You'll find extra images, and definitely extra poetry there.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Animal Flowers

Here comes colour!
I actually woke up the other morning, not thinking about any of the special people in my life...or the chores to be done for the day...but about how else to play with my pens and paint together!

So !'ve had a go at glazing an area with acrylic before swooshing water around the picture...well it was an experiment, I tried it

I'm actually loving the vibrant green stems inside the deep blue of the vase... I might play with that next.

I'm happier with the cropped images, I think they'd make lovely bright cards or pictures.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Goddess Leonie!

Way way back in the mists of internet time...(I'm talking a whole four? maybe five years ago) I tired of my years of wandering and wondering and tried to set up home in that odd and mystical space.

SARK had a wonderfully colourful world into which I nestled...and there I braved up-loading some photos of my (rather large) doodles...all randomness and flowers. One day I logged in to find I had had a visitor, a visitor leaving me a lovely message about my picture, my poem and my doodles...that visitor was the wonderful Leonie

Until that point I had felt...well pretty much embarrassed about having put my pictures on-line...suddenly it felt ok. Off I went in search of Leonie to thank her, and found wonderful treasure, The Turquoise Journey, then Leonie's blog... still full of wonderful archives.

Over the years I would dip in to The Turquoise Journey, sometimes daily, sometimes monthly, always finding treasure, often spending hours of Leonie led web time, and taking delight in her unfurling as an artist, gorgeous goddess and sacred photographer.

In November last year The Turquoise Journey suddenly disappeared, I checked back the next day, the next week, and the next. Come January I was overcome by the need to create some new space out here for myself, and as ever wanted to create a link to Leonie's blog...but it was still missing...and I began to worry a little for Leonie...and I still missed her blog!

By February, maybe March I finally found it again, though it was still struggling a bit, having to be re-homed and re-launched...After her own wonderful journey in India, Leonie came back with gifts for everyone.

So this page is full of links, for those already loving Leonie that have lost her briefly in the move, and for those lucky ones about to discover her for the first time.

I shall add that there is a competition this month (one week left) and if you place a link to on your blog or webspace, or one of Leonie's wonderful buttons, and let her know, then you'll be in with a chance to win one of her lovely prints...I hearby forfeit my chance just to let you know that's not the reason for writing this blog and to give you a better shot at it!

I'm taking this chance also to mention that I discovered today that SARK has braved the world of blog too and has a myspace! (Leonie's in SARK's new book Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper BTW!)

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Real Life Artists!

I was in an artshop in Brighton today and bumped into two artists from my on-line life!
It made me really happy!

It gave more fuel to the fire, already lit by being on tailcast, that it would be lovely to have occasional Art Party get togethers in real life.

I say Hi! again to both of you, and that I hope we get to chat longer next time!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

I just read this

I just read this short story and it's so wonderful!
It's so well written, so much is simply revealed with each tiny chapter...
I'm keeping it here to read again..I hope you'll take time too!

Big Kiss

Walk the walls.

I am full of words
I like to flow with words and movement because it pleases is a visceral pleasure, a physical pleasure...and i'm loving being physical.

These are the words.

I love you.

You make me whole and present and free.

You are an active and magical part of myself and I am grateful that you are here.

I am grateful that you show me the walls are not real, and I am ecstasy in the moment those illusions are melting in front of me.

You are the magician. The true shaman.

Beloved One, Beautiful One, Gorgeous One, You are the miracle.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


Definitely release day today!...below is the portrait I have been working on! Papier mache next.

Still playing with pens and's play was less about the finished picture and more about the process...It's given me some interesting ideas for future pieces.

Strange strange strange strange mood.


I have eaten rather a lot of chocolate though!

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Oh I like this one!

Dance the dance of life and liberate yourself from the need to hide your true self. Let your hair down and allow the beautiful, creative being that you are to shine through in everything you do.

Thank you to Helena Ambrosia and her card for the day

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Blue Lady Lilith

and I ask her

"What is this dream to me?"

& she fills my chest with her blue light
& tells me

"This is how you understand yourself.
This is how you know
Who you are
& where your boundaries are.
You are finding your limits."

When I take everything in
She says

"You are beginning to see the dream.
You have seen me create
& you know who I am.
You just wont believe it."

"Why wont I believe it?"

"That's another limit
Another edge to go beyond.
Only when you grasp something
Even less solid beyond that one
Will it become your reality
...and so are the stages."

The Goddess Crystals

I smiled as I thought of all the stores of Goddess in me. The little crystals hidden all through my body. The reserves of love and wisdom, that ignite as life triggers them to pour love and healing through me where it is needed, and shining her constant delight all around.I giggled at the thought of being a Goddess mine! I felt myself as the Earth, a body of rich soils and fertility, waters of life and rocks giving form and hidden treasures; fuels, energies,knowledge in fossils...her consciousness stored in thousands of forms throughout her body.

I gently came to the conclusion that nothing belonged to me. That I could not own anything outside of myself. My physical body, I realised, was the only store for what was mine.

To be mine it had to be in me.

And anything in me was mine to hold onto if I chose.

To be mine
it had to be in me.

I began to joyously explore what things were mine..things I suddenly understood no-one could take. Things I had forgotten...I was a mine of information!Then I began to consider, all the things in me, that I had never considered as mine before...the hopes, loves, and dreams in me, were truly mine, their beauty was mine and I was hushed by the touch of their presence.

Slowly in my peacefulness I let the darkness creep in, let the light flicker unsurely around me, let the walls become less real until gradually distance ceased to exist.

I dissolved as the emptiness, the everything that is nothing, entered the centre of my being and darkness became where my body began.

Yet still there was something there. The Goddess Crystals. Points of light, expanding silently, blindingly roaring through me in every direction. Each ray through the last, brighter and brightening, obliterating everything that was and wasn't.

I felt myself as that ecstatic brilliance
and I remember who I am.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Three columns!

I wanted since day I've got it it looks really weird...
It's over there to the right!>>>>>>

Now I'm not so sure why I wanted it so much.

I spent this afternoon trying to remember all my beloved links...find the right colours again..(I haven't) and find my original header pic again...(I cant' yet.)

I don't know how much slower it'll make this page load either...if it's much, I'm sorry!

hopefully this will become a wonderful little world in it's own right.

Okay, I'm off to play

Big Kiss.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Sometimes I get wordy

Sometimes I get wordy, my blogs fill up with lines of texts and though I miss the pictures, none fit.

Then sometimes all I want to share are images that made me gasp, or happy, or peaceful...

And sometimes it's my pictures! and just now the blogs are a riot of splodgy colour AND I have new pictures hanging on my walls....(I'm running out of space!)
I was so chuffed to get two pictures finished and stuck in frames yesterday I photo'd the evidence...

These flowers are a progression from the wish flowers I used to make several years back...they have thoughts and words written into them. I'm going to make more this afternoon, I wonder what will come out?

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

My Love is Hidden

My love is hidden
In the spring
In green abundant opening
In calling birds
and lifting breeze
I ache from wishing
It to be
I wish you growth
I wish you peace
I wish you endless love
From me.

Raging Flower

How is it hidden
This raging flower
That drinks in your presence
and basks in your light?
I'm sure it's as visible
As the sun in the sky
It burns me inside
and wakes me at night.

Monday, 11 August 2008

How come it's Monday?

My brain informs me that it's Saturday...but the computer says Monday...probably because we lost our connection for 24 hrs and I've yet to do my Sunday browsing.

Well these are my mad red Love Flowers...Mark says they look like Animal Flowers (as in the muppet drummer) The centres are yellower than it looks here so they do look like thay just need eyes and skinny arms with drumsticks!

In reality they say 'Love, I love you' all through the petals, the vase says 'happiness' and the tablecloth says 'joy' they are my Love Flowers in a Happiness Vase an a Joy Tablecloth.

It's just me messing about with felt-tips and water again...

My limited selection of colours drove me to the art shop today...£14 for five pens!....

£14 for five pens!

The next messy picture had better be worth it!...I'll at least give Animal his arms.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Life is here

Life is here!
It's Big! It's Big!
and it's scary!...
And it sings in my heart
and buzzes in my veins.
Life is here!
It's big! It's big!
It's scary!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

As promised

So here are a couple more of Sven's Fractal pictures as promised, the one above has the particular shades of blue and green together that are almost a spiritual experience for me when I see them!

Which reminds me there is another artist I want to find out if I could just remember her name!

So far today Tailcast has been offline altogether...hope they recover!...saves me time now though as I can't go and be so nosey and chatty!

Big kiss

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Boys and Fractals

Aren't they lovely when they are asleep!

Adrift on the topsy turvyness of schools hols...Sleeping beauty is, as I type, tucked up in a tent, in a thunder storm, in the back garden!...I wonder if he looks as peaceful tonight!?

I put a new little poem up on my tailcast blog today...still finding out about my personal boxes as to what belongs where.

The beautiful fractal pic below (which is more amazing if you click to enlarge it) comes from here and is the work of Sven Geier who very generously, based on his beliefs that property rights belong to physical property alone, copylefts his images instead of copyrighting them!

They make beautiful wallpapers for the computer and would make amazing posters, t-shirts, anything really.

I shall be posting a couple of our favourites in the next few days.

I'm still waiting for permission to post some beautiful astronomy pictures from the Panther Observatory

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Tailcast poem and beautiful light.

Petersfield Lake4 by Crazydiamond on Tailcast

Today is the day my Tailcast blog goes it's own merry little way...I think!...I'm not sure,... just a bit maybe.

Today I posted a poem there that I didn't post being Blogger, livejournal or myspace depending on where you are!

Tailcast is full of treasure such as the beautiful swan picture above by Crazydiamond...which seems to capture on the screen the amazing quality of light that I love the most...light and water is always a good combination, but Wow!

As Tailcast is in the middle of re-launcing I'm not sure how pretty the pages will be, or if I may have to re-do all the links in the next week or so...any problems with them let me know.

Ok, bit of a strange post but all that the three hungry kids'll let me post at the moment!

Big kiss

Friday, 1 August 2008

Today! Today! Today!

Today I read the most perfect, appropriate, freeing line!

In a book called: Unreasonable Happiness, Satsang with Vartman.

Can I find it now? No! so for now I shall have to possibly paraphrase...or quote it perfectly, Who Knows?

It's just rearranging chairs on the Titanic.

It's just rearranging chairs on the Titanic. !!

There is so much I see people doing in life that has this feeling to it and I've always found it impossible to explain why I don't feel like joining in...and when I'm stuck and can't move this is the sensation to it, but naming it is so wonderful!

Who cares? The ship is sinking, rearrange if it makes you happy...or dive in, or go down with the ship...whatever...the ship is sinking anyway and somehow I've always been at peace with that was the constant discussion, thought and planning that goes into arranging the chairs that got to me.

Best line I ever read.