Sunday, 6 April 2008

Feeling amazed

So I've finally finished and scanned in Z's pics as best I can. I'm surprised and happy with the results.

Z's dad was here today and made a comment about me only just discovering I could do this, that something had opened or tuned in the right channel in me, and that felt so true it stunned me a bit to hear it.

The pictures are here on my wall and every time I look at them I'm surprised...can't quite believe that I did them...I'm craving all day to get back to drawing! It's all quite new and strange.

Need a bigger scanner though!...and I'd like a pencil I'm going to try and make one, I think.

Our little one, who is sleeping like this at the moment, sprained his wrist today...little bandages are really sad and really sweet.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ju
You might well be amazed by your drawings - they are wonderful! Love Bid

Journey Through Life said...

I love love love these.