Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Trusting the Sea

It's a week since I've written.

Not entirely true, it's a week since I posted anything I wrote!

I feel like a changing sea at the moment...no thread to follow, other than the desire to draw, just waves, tides and winds of change.

I'm walking every day, even if it's only for five minutes...I think it gives me a more linear sense of movement at least briefly.

That's it...I don't feel as though I'm making progress...just as though I'm treading water, feeling the immense weight of the sea pushing me about. Though, in a quiet, lulling and supportive way.

So in fact, even if I'm not swimming in a direction and I can't see any shore to orient myself, I'm still travelling, still have a sense that I'm going to gradually find myself somewhere else, only at the discretion of the sea.

I trust the sea.


Journey Through Life said...

What an incredible description of how you are feeling in your life right now. It makes so much sense. Today is turning out to be the same as yesterday. I don't feel like I am treading water I feel like I am stuck in quick sand getting pulled down. I am hanging out to the quote I posted yesterday, and I have made an appointment to rememdy the situation!

In the meantime, acceptance of our situations is important. I like your thoughts of treading water. Maybe I can transition to that place instead!


Yolanda said...

I too feel this way.