Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Taken over

Our lives have been somewhat hi-jacked by portrait drawing...I'm missing spending time browsing blogs! And writing in my own!

I also use the computer a fair bit during the portrait process, scanning the work in to compare side by side with the original, and even though this time I have an actual photo to work from, I still find that very helpful...Unfortunately the rest of the family are barely getting a computer look-in.

Above is an A4 section of Stevie baby's old school picture portrait...still a way to go, but hopefully not too much longer, it must be around eight hours work so far...if I plan to continue I hope to get a bit quicker!...or a lot better. This is the first time I've had a go with blending with rolled up paper (can't remember what that's called!) and it definitely helps stop younger skin looking full of wrinkly pencil lines.

This blog is looking a bit portrait-tastic though...I promise you and myself to get some alternate life back!

Big kisses