Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Winter Branches

I can't believe this picture was taken just hours before everyone became ill! They're still ill! Though this evening finally is an improvement on the last couple of days, there's even hope I might get a nights sleep!

Here are the atrociously lit, taken with my phone, want to do it now, photos of my last three winter picture, they actually make up one A2 picture, so that'll show you how off the lighting is, the middle one is the truest to what I see on my wall. If the light is good enough tomorrow I'm hoping to put up a new panoramic at the top of the page, with all my deccies for Christmas.

Big Kiss


Secret Wish Jar said...

What lovely pictures of your sons! I hope everyone gets better soon.

And your paintings... so, so beautiful. They radiate a sense of magic, light like a butterfly but oh so strong.

SisterJulia said...

Thank you honey, we're getting there gradually...didn't quite get the night's sleep but everyone looks more normal today.

Lilly Rose Chen said...

speedy recovery to everyone! love your art. Always have. Please post more. I never grow tired of seeing them.

pen* said...

oh i love your winter branches. they really capture the magic of the season...

sorry to hear you've had a poorly household. my husband is in the final days of recovery now but i have an awful feeling i am showing the early signs of a similar bug! urgh!