Saturday, 13 March 2010


Silent tornado howling
Sets walls of my heart trembling
Vibration turns
To burning tears
As to my knees
I'm sinking

The aching of the howl
Its noise, lives
Inside my trembling voice
Trapped inside
My throat on fire
As hollowness concaves me.

I've let myself be told
Something that I plainly am
Is something that
I cannot be.
This is where
Belief leaves me:
Lost and vulnerable to tricks
Slipping where the others slip
Longing for a fix
For feelings that afflict me

Guide me into light my love
Shine me through the vast and dark
A glow to equal other stars
Illuminates within me

I trust it with my every breath
Until there is but one thing left
The love that lit my every step
Which you, at once, saw in me.


Lis said...

wow! where have i been? i have to scroll back to read all of your words ... what an amazing body of writing! so powerful and beautiful and brave and true.

i love the lines:"Guide me into light my love/Shine me through the vast and dark/A glow to equal other stars/
Illuminates within me"

stunning ...

(and thank you for your comment on my blog ... we've tried a beaded bracelet before, but need to try again. the idea of blu-tack is a new one ... i'm off to get some - and how perfect, blue is her favorite color! i didn't mention how i pulled out my hair in a little patch during grad school and finally found a rock to hold in my hand to curb the impulse to yank my hair! its like this Big Energy just needs to get OUT!)