Friday, 12 March 2010

Irresolute Moments

Smooth stride
Sure step
Warm embrace
Smell of neck
Lips soft
Grazing skin
Feeling fire
Grown within.

Separation takes
False starts;
Three attempts
In irresolute moments.
Arguing hearts
Waiting for
The World
To waiver

In response to Hesitation this weeks OSI prompt.


Jim said...

Something terribly wrong here. I am guessing a geographical/political separation and someone is waiting for a hard to get visa.
Very nice, whatever the case may be, Julia.

I was reading some on your right sidebar. My likes would be for your 'sini' to be Sini, Sardinia, Italy. I haven't been to Sardinia (yet), but I surely do like Sicily.
At any rate it is remote and could possibly a part of a cyber sub-world.

Stan Ski said...

Can't argue with that.

gabrielle said...

we hold on to anger,
"waiting for the world to waver"

enjoyed your poem, the choice you present.