Saturday, 11 September 2010

Sideways Slide

I look on
For my inch of chance
For where the path
Greets some nuance
The point at which
I neatly glide
From one
Into the other

I bring to life
Each path of light
That flows
Through me
Until that point
The passing comes
I sideways slide
Tempted by another.

In response to The Passing this week's OSI prompt


Anonymous said...

Love the "inch of chance" very much. Shrinks life to its real size and importance. Please have a good Monday.

daily athens

Dances With Loons said...

Happy gliding! well done.

Sweetest in the Gale said...

Wonderful words...there are so many paths and so many choices. I loved your take on this week's prompt!

SisterJulia said...

Wishing you a good week Robert:)
A Castaneda quote describes it as a 'cubic centimetre of chance'...but I'm a feet and inches kinda girl:P

Thank you Dances With Loons and Sweetest in the Gale

Amity said...

'for that inch of chance' and i'd say, 'for that thin thread of hope'...

beautifully penned Julia! :)

happy weekend to you and your family! God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Choices, temptation and having to pick one- amazingly expressed.. :)