Saturday, 6 November 2010

angry hurting grumbles...mean things they are

So now I am here
full of fear and rage and doubt
running riot with shadows
Listening to them shout
they slice with accusations
rub caustic on my worth
grate and graze and carpet burn
at images I love
they take my wish to crumble
into soft releasing tears
and taunt me with my weakness
and stick me in my scars
They point to all my ugliness
and magnify what's left
until it's all distorted
a raw and hurting red


Frigidheat said...

Transfixed on those burning emotions, transported through time, not so far gone from me that the essence of my soul doesn't stream forth and down my face in a sort of anger for whomever has made you feel this way as well. I love you, Julia... from the depths of my being. <3

SisterJulia said...

Thank you Beautiful Sister for such love that would seek to defend me! I understand that in me so well!

Of course it's me that does these mean things to me was my first response...and I know that is true...

there may have been figures deep in childhood past who would have wished bad feelings on me and done there best to cause them, but then we were all children then...and I guess if anyone else still ever intended to make me feel like this now, then I remember that we are all still children anyway.

Warm Love to you Sweet Sister