Sunday, 22 February 2009

Hee hee hee hee hee hee

That's me giggling because with the help of Three Column Blogger and this particular page I have managed to restore my blogger page to the colours that make me happy, no lines and still three columns.

My blogger page is really my workdesk so I have the page set up pretty wide at the moment (I have a big screen and I like the space) but if it gives you any major problems let me know

The next step is to refresh and update my links/ etc. Hmmm.

Life seems choc-a-block with creative opportunity at the moment...I'm wondering how courageous I'm actually going to be. I gave myself an end of March dealine for some things...and that deadline is looming large right now...I'm having brave moments though, and my u-turns and self-sabotage seem to be coming in smaller and smaller doses so I have hope.

I'm also going to step back in the TAW as I majorly lost focus after taking on Leonie's Lovely Goddess Course...I'm glad I took it on, but TAW has such a huge impact on my 'proffessional intentions' that I'm feeling need of digging deeper into it, and re-focusing my intentions.

Huh! I wasn't expecting to write all that, evidently needed to get my head a bit straighter to match my lovely tidy, three columns that i just edited (!)



Sara Moriarty-delaFuente said...

Your blog is looking better and better.

So is the Goddess Course finished? What was your favorite part of it?

My TAW group is going back and rereading chapters at group member request since we have someone going to Europe for six weeks and don't want to finish without her. It is nice to go back and redo the reading and tasks. Not only to refresh and complete undone portions, but also to see the changes in our state of minds and creativity. This week we are working through Week Seven again.

Hope your digging deeper brings added joy and inspiration. And I would love to hear about the Goddess Course.