Saturday, 26 July 2008


I've been wasting time trying to create something to save time....I just have a headache instead...

There are aspects of my life that are consistently like being trapped in some strange (frustrating!) dream. The fact is that I have too much stuff, physically, mentally, virtually, emotionally...too much stuff.

I once spent a month repeating a daily meditation of creation...I had to imagine my own workspace and create a lotus in a different way every day in my mind for 15 minutes. I painted them, made them from paper, made them from glass, made them from fabric...even made them from heated polystyrene food trays...toward the end of the month I had a huge joyous sense of presence with me in my workshop, barely made my lotus and just danced ecstatically around in my mind.
At the end of the month I got to meet one of my I headed (in my mind) to my joy filled workshop, only to be stopped at the door and gently told that I no longer needed to keep trying to create beauty out of rubbish and dross.

I still fill my life with it though...anything and everything that I can create with, paint on, or is some sort of possible pretty ingredient...or base...or frame...or household article...

Off to keep trying to find some beautiful, efficient, freeing solutions.