Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Way Busy!

What a difference a camera can make!

I am sooooo busy!
Life is so full!
How did this happen?
I feel awash in a sea of my own creation...Julia Cameron...hmmm. On top of already being so busy it's a challenge to blog at all, I took some of my pictures to mum and toddler group yesterday and already have an (experimental) commission, and am considering stocking an Etsy shop for christmas shoppers.

At least I've made it back here for a quick blog, and I posted Iris her chosen picture and managed to check in on fellow tailcastions yesterday as well!

I've stayed in on my night off tonight to help catch up with my things to do list, but I'm out tomorrow afternoon,Friday afternoon and Friday night and next Wednesday we're off to see Sia again.

Think I've finished the pic below of was the concluding message from the journey. Compared to the original sketch it's kind of meandered in areas...I still have it up and am talking with it, so we shall see.


Lilly Rose Chen said...

beautiful pictures. I love how you show the different stages of how you arrived at the end. The woman reminds me of that character from Dicken's novel The Great Expectation-I think where the woman wears her wedding gown from 50 years ago, etc. the fox is interesting. Does he have a story? I heard that the Native Americans have a myth about the fox-they guard the entrance to the fairy realm. And something about when a woman turns 50 she turns into a fox- I have to find out how the story Esty and hope you'll set up shop.

Journey Through Life said...

Wow, good for you with all that clutter clearing. It always feel SO awesome!!!!! I am highly impressed!