Monday, 27 October 2008

For IBTB of the TAW!

This is just a little post about a little's a couple of inches across and I made it when I was pregnant and trying to get used to not's my half hour activities box. If I can't make up my mind what to do I pick a scroll and have to do what it says, be it a chore or a pleasure...certainly makes you think clearly whether there's something you want to do!


AMJONE said...

This is AWESOME! It is such a perfect idea for a box. Thank you for sharing that. Definitely filing that into the 'Great Ideas' folder. And an GIGANTIC THANK YOU for your support. It's hard to put in words how grateful I am every time I read comments and posts from you and others, here at TAW, offering words of encouragement and support. I feel so loved and not at all crazy, weird or alone!

Disenchanted Melody said...

ooo I love how you have made this idea so pretty. I do a similar thing but my *task* are all just written on scrap bits of paper and thrown in a drawer.