Saturday, 9 May 2009

Whose Sandals I Have Untied

I've been very blessed by the actions of others this week and this is a little poem I have loved since childhood that keeps playing in my head.

Whose Sandals I Have Untied

All creatures she loves,
And despises none.
Words of healing she speaks,
And judges not.
Her heart in quietness she gives,
And takes not.
But blessed is she
Because she does.
Always she does
And always with mercy;
And all are blessed
By her doing.

Dudley Buxton


mountain.mama said...

Hi Julia! That is a very lovely poem. Hope all is well with you.


Mum said...

If only we were all so kind hearted!! I am taking a copy so that I can remind myself, frequently, of how I should behave. Love you.

SisterJulia said...

It always struck me that this poem was about a child and mother...but for sure that's probably the times I'm least like that!!!
I catch myself frequently yelling down "For Pete's Sake!!!" as I trip over my proverbial untied sandals! (and we know that's the polite version!)
Love you.