Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lead the Way!

Some people you just have to run to keep up with! These are the other pics from our friends house a couple of weeks back...

I was thinking I'd been non-internetty because I was in semi retreat, coming back to myself...turns out it's just a challenge to fit everything in! The last de-clutter finally had the impact I'd been hoping for, things tidy away easily, there is space for growth and I can find things as I need them (touching wood at this point) The space in the house seems to re-arrange easily for the days needs too which makes it feel bigger in some way...room to breathe.

Good job too! I'm nervous about our up-coming meeting with the EOTAS (educated other than at school) team and the less energy it takes to move between roles in the house, the more energy I have to concentrate on trying to remember all the things I have to do! Big dreams and brilliant ideas apparently take lots of time, attention and intention...I have heard about a guy teaching others the value of (and how to work) a four hour week!!?? I need to find this man! Not really sure that motherhood could be made that efficient but perhaps he has so much free time now he wouldn't mind coming and lending me a hand.

Big Kiss!


Goddess Leonie * GoddessGuidebook.com said...

bless you woman. i just adore you. and hearing you on the space+retreat joys! :)

SisterJulia said...

Sweet Gorgeous Goddess!
I gave myself time to soak up some of the turquoise beauty of your wonderful website last night too...feeling amazing to come back to such spaces!
It's wonderful what life brings to our fingertips.
Big Kisses

Beth P. said...

What a beautiful home and boy and flowers you 'have'!

You are the best...nice to see you on the Virtual Tea House!

SisterJulia said...

Lovely Beth
It's good to be spending time there again!
Jasmine Green for the soul!