Friday, 28 November 2008


The warm dry smell of tiredness
Invading in waves
My conscious awareness
Stripping energy and sapping strength
melting resistance, befuddling my brain
Tired and dry and lonely in the noise
Needing softness and support
Longing to stop all other forces
To drop the socks
The shirts
The plates
Longing to meet all arguments
With the gaze of non-recognition
And just sleep.


Disenchanted Melody said...

Very nicely done.

boneman said...

You have a blog!
I love the pix on the walls!
Crayons, colored pencils....
Star Wars?
Dainty things hanging on a pink board....OK, I've been in here too long....
Leaving now.

Plus a nice bit of poetry on the way through.
Quite the talent, you are.

Mum said...

I SO recognise this feeling, perfectly described!