Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Like a parabolic mirror containing
Spherical light wave images
Of the room it sits within
I dip inside my surface
To the boundless possiblity
Of everything I reflect
And somehow contain

The anything of existence

I am the almagamation
Of everything outside me
Inside the barely existent
Shell of who I am;
The hologram created
By reality reflecting
As I meet it.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

I will meet you

I will meet you
With what you bring me
Some mirrored surface
Of the universe
That flows through life
As gentle symmetry
Showing how
In truthfulness
There always is
In every movement
The way you meet me
With what I bring

Sideways Slide

I look on
For my inch of chance
For where the path
Greets some nuance
The point at which
I neatly glide
From one
Into the other

I bring to life
Each path of light
That flows
Through me
Until that point
The passing comes
I sideways slide
Tempted by another.

In response to The Passing this week's OSI prompt

Friday, 10 September 2010


So now I want to close
to turn the sign
and lock the door
and sit behind the glass

days like these I'd watch
not wanting to return
Too tired to work
Like lead I sit
With all the lights turned on

My brain is moving slow
I feel it graunch
Against my mind
and tears begin to flow

I curl myself
Down on the floor
And wait to be at home


I have become someone

Wanting more than I've got

This late in the game


If that's wise

Or not

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Night's Harmony

Laying jealously of sleep
Of slumber still and deep
That holds you
Soft in body
Murmuring tenderly to dreams

Feeling into darkness
Pale smoothness I keep
My hands wrap round
Familiar curves
I stroke and slowly drift

In exquisite beauty
And silence on your lips
The warmth that grows
Inside my chest
Lights sweetly in the dark
I rest my face against your back
Listen to your heart.

Last night I saw you
Full in undeniable beauty

Today I ache with memories
that turn and whisper in me

The constant soft 'I love you's
My heart was made to beat