Monday, 2 November 2009

Home Education

I need a moment of distraction, hence this tiny little post to say that one of the biggest things that keeps me away from my lovely world of t'internet blogs, healing, art and crafts is the time I spend doing things for my eldest son's home education and his learning blog.

So I thought I'd start to share some of what goes on there, here...and in the process record, share and encourage my own learning stuff too.

Currently I need to practice my French so this are my new darlings French-tastic-people! and Ma France from the ever amazing BBC Learning team. You can use their language guage sections to assess your level and progress from there!


Lis said...

oh wow ... i will check these out as i once knew quite a bit of french but now, alas, old mommy brain is way too muddled. i love languages but am terrible at them (i don't have the ear) and now am trying to learn chinese - yikes! wishing i had stayed the course with french and italian ...

au revoir - ciao - aufwiedersehen - zai jian - namasté!

SisterJulia said...

Chinese is my eldest's favourite!