Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Crazy Busy Amazingness

First things first, There might just still be time for you to enrol into Leonies Lovely Creative Goddess Course, I think it officially begins tomorrow on the 15th...
Next things next, It's been a over week already since I posted...sometimes this happens because I am paralysed and overwhelmed by my list of 'things to do'...this time however I have not been paralysed, I'm paddling about as fast as I can go at the moment and surrendered to the fact that everything will just have to happen when it happens.
Goddess Leonie was wise and gracious enough to open the Circle space a few days early to invite us to settle in before our creative playing begins...I can't imagine how busy she is at this stage as saying Hi! to everyone, meeting and learning about this amazing circle of women is a big task!
One of my only regrets about being so busy is that I have not spent enough time thanking people for their inspirations, support or sharing that make such a huge difference to my life. The comments and e-mails I receive, the blogs and websites I turn to, the videos that offer tuition and guidance. I had planned a few gratitude post at the end of the last year into the beginning of this one...but they are one of the things I have evidently surrendered to their own time frame.
I am at least working on a I'm so far sticking to my one a's early stages but I've posted here all the different variations of the image I'm working with so far in addition to the printouts and original photo on my the end there will be a file full of them...I'm sure there must be easier techniques!
I send out Huge Hugs and Big Love


pen* said...

ha ha, i know what you mean! i feel overwhelmed (in the best way possible) with trying to keep up with blogs, comments, my own bits and pieces...!! but isn't it wonderful to be so completely immersed in magic! i am loving it! what i am also loving is your portrait! i love seeing your artwork!

Secret Wish Jar said...

Same here! So many new things going on all of a sudden, so many new people to connect with, blogs to read, etc. But it's a good kind of busy, and inspiring :)

Love your drawings, and the boys eyes are so sparkling and blue!

Beth P. said...

dear sweet julia-kins,
you just make me smile...your heart is the biggest, juicies thing!

You amaze me with all your creativity--hope your Circle is just wonderful.

Who is that lovely child??? Thanks for the photos...

Love to you!